How to Prevent Garage Door Break-ins? Few Ways are Here

Do you know that 60% of residential burglary occur during the day time in the US? And the entrance of the home is a garage door mostly. So, now you understand how important of having a secured garage door. Generally, we often neglect to take care of your garage door and forget to lock your garage door while leaving the room. Burglars know where to get an entry into a home. Here are some ways to protect your garage from break-ins.

Never Keep Your Remote in Your Car:

If you are leaving your garage door remote in your car then you are putting your garage door on a big risk. Never leave it clipped your sun visor. You should hide it in a place where thieves even will not think of thinking for it. If it is needed, bring a remote with you. Use a small remote that can be clipped with your key. But make sure that never leave your keys in a jacket pocket or coat at home, a small amount of pressure can activate the door opener and a garage is now an entry point for the intruders. Since 2017, you can operate your door from your mobile screen.

Disconnect the Motor and Ensure Your Garage Door is Locked:

The safest way to protect your garage door is to disconnect the garage door opener motor from the electrical outlet. So, no burglar can open the garage door using the remote control or tamper with your keyboard located outside. The second way is to press the ON/OFF button on a control panel; make sure that you have pressed it and the indicator light is continuously blinking. The third option is to add a side lock to provide extra protection. This side lock has a strong steel rod and engaged in a vertical rail. This is located inside the garage. So, no intruder can break the lock from outside. when you come back after enjoying a vacation; you need to unlock it from the outside, engage the motor again and then open it with the remote control.

Extra Points to Keep Your Garage Protected Day & Night:

Ensure that all your exterior doors in the home including garage door are locked properly for the whole night before going to bed. This habit will help you keep your assets secured. Keep exterior light around your garage door ON and if possible; combined it with the motion detectors. This will help you save energy too.

Hope you have got all the points to keep your garage door secured 24X7. If security is the main concern; meet Mike Garage Door Repair and Installation to make your garage door secured and safe from the thieves.