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We have been fixing garage door problems for many years and providing superior repairing services.

A garage door isn’t just a part of a home but the second entry of your home. Having a problematic garage door means you are compromising the security of your home and family members. Did you know that? This is a real serious matter for your home. Don’t worry; Mike Garage is here to help you.

We deliver best quality garage door repair services at a reasonable rate. We provide FREE estimates on repairing and replacement of garage doors. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; just call us at (970) 682-3353 and get relaxed, rest of things will be taken care by our professionals.

We provide following garage door repair services to our valued customers:

Garage Door Repairs:

Any issue related to your garage door? Contact your local expert, Mike Garage Door Repair. No matter what type of problem is there; our team can come to your home, inspect your garage door issues and fix them with satisfaction. We can fix issues related roller, cables, springs, lock, photo-eye, board, coupling, strut, weather sealing, drum, bearing plate, etc. Read More

Residential Garage Door Installation and Repair:

We provide installation services for residential garage door of your types whether it is a steel, wooden, aluminum, glass or hurricane-proof door. Our team has extensive experience to install a new door and increase the safety level to keep your family safe. We help customers to buy an appropriate door that can match the style, design and color of your home. Read More

Commercial Garage Door Installation & Repair: Commercial Garage Door Installation & Repair

At Mike Garage Door Repair, we provide professional and quality repair, replacement and installation of commercial overhead doors. We only believe in delivering satisfied services to our valued businessmen. We have qualified technicians who are able to repair, maintain and replace the garage door parts. Every time, our team ensures safety levels and trouble-free operations. To get a free estimate; dial a number: (970) 682-3353 . Our team will come to your place and provide you free estimates. Read More

Broken Garage Door Replacement:

Springs are the most important and dangerous parts of the garage door. When it breaks, it causes life-threatening injury to you and your family member. A small issue can cause big damages to your valuable property. Our professionals are able to fix the garage door springs problems and ensure safety while performing their tasks to fix or replace broken garage door springs. Read More

Torsion Spring Replacement & Repair:

Today, most of the garage door is equipped with the torsion springs which are responsible to lift up and shut down the garage door. They work under high pressures and thus, it’s not a task for the homeowner. Only the qualified technician can do this. At Mike Garage Door Repair, we have a bunch of professionals to replace the broken garage door torsion springs and make your garage door in functional mode again.

Broken Garage Door Cables Repair:

A broken garage door cable may cause your garage door to work incorrectly. Cables should be functioned well for smooth door operation. Fixing a broken garage door cable can be dangerous if it is taken care without necessary expertise. Don’t worry, our team will handle it properly; just describe your problem with our professionals. Sit back and relax; we fix it with care.

Broken or Bent Rollers:

A bent or broken roller can malfunction your door. So, it is necessary to replace them for smoother and quieter garage door operation. For all your garage door roller related problems, you trust your local garage door expert, Mike Garage Door Repair.

Bent, Misaligned and Rusted Track Repair:

To open and close the smoothly; the track is compulsory. If any of the tracks becomes rusted, misaligned or bent, it should be repaired or replaced before it may put your door in a worse situation. Call our experts or schedule an appointment online by filling the form here.

Section or Panel Replacement:

Are you looking for experts to replace the garage door panels hassle-free? A faulty garage door panels indicate the structural problems and also compromise the security of your home. You just do a simple move; contact us today! Our trained experts assess the panel damages & provide you the best possible solutions.

Fire Door Drop Test:

Today, the fire door drop test is recommended in several areas of the USA. We have certified and trained technicians who can perform fire door drop test as per the NFPA 80 regulations. We perform visual and operational inspection and the drop test. Please call us now to set up an appointment with us to have your door tested.

Preventive Maintenance:

Have you ever considered a garage door preventive maintenance plan? No, dial a number: (970) 682-3353 and hire us as your garage door maintenance team. We inspect and maintain your garage door at a regular interval of time.

Talk With Us Anytime 24X7:

Whenever your garage door is damaged even at 1:00 AM; make a call with us at (970) 682-3353 . Our team will come to your home and repair door problems on an emergency basis.

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