Garage Door Drum Replacement

Are you fed up with your noisy garage door? Is your garage door produce unusual noise during operation? A noisy or shaky garage door is a sign of a damaged drum in your garage door. Mike Garage Door is the only and best option for you to fix this problem properly. Call on (970) 682-3353 to get one of the best garage door services at any time.

Garage Door Drum Replacement

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Garage door problems occurred any time and it is unpredictable. But, it is pivotal for you to repair it immediately to stop the problem which increases over time to other components of the garage door. There are only two things that happened while you don’t fix any problem in your garage door; firstly it may cause any lethal accidents or leads to more damage to your garage door.

Do Contact Mike Garage Door at (970) 682-3353 and get the best and proper maintenance of your garage door. As one of the most trusted and most cost-effective service providers, we value your trust in us.

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Due to rust and dirt layers, our garage door may have some problems with Drum and cause your garage door more noisy and shaky than usual.

You can’t underestimate the importance of your garage door drum. It is the thing that works with door springs to make the mechanism smoother and easier. It also makes your garage well balanced.

As per the lift mechanism of the garage door drum, there are three types called Standard lift, vertical lift, and High lift. The design of every kind of cable drum depends on the overall weight of the door, cable thickness, cable length, and maximum door height.

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