Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Doors, Spring Repairs, Door Openers & Services

1Can you tell me about your working hours?
You can contact us with your queries 7 days a week. If you face any emergency for garage door service, our engineers are just one call away from you. Just contact us on (970) 682-3353, which is our official contact number.
2Do you charge for estimates or it is free?
For a new installation of the garage door, we will provide you with a free estimate by visiting your house. Other than that, we give free estimates over the phone regarding garage door repair issues.
3Should I open my garage door with a broken spring?
It is hazardous to open a garage door with a broken spring. You should seek professional help without wasting a second. Contact a professional Mike garage door company to renovate it.
4Can I open my garage door with a broken electric door opener?
Normally the electric door openers consist of a manual release cord or lever. It cuts off the drive mechanism, opening the garage door manually. As long as you are inside the garage, you can make it work.
5Are you selling and installing new garage door openers?
Yes, we do! If you're in need of garage door opener installation, door opener repairs and hardware such as remotes and smartphone control. we're the company for you.
6Are you able to repair any garage door brand?
Yes, we do fix the issues of every garage door brand. Along with that, we do fix the issues of door opener, hardware, and other stuff used in the door.

If your garage door is outdated and no longer works efficiently, no problem. We can replace the garage door as well.
7Why my garage door is continuously making loud noises at the time of opening and closing the door?
Well, there are multiple reasons. Sometimes, it can be easily repaired by just lubricating some garage door parts. However, it is not the right solution all the time. A broken spring or poor balancing can cause the door failure. Try it with lubricating oil and still, you are hearing the noise, you need to get it repaired as soon as possible. Being late in this case may cause harm a lot to the homeowner. Call us immediately to fix the garage door issues and make it in function mode again.
8How do I maintain my Home electric garage door opener?
Well, this is an awesome question. First of all, you need to inspect the door opener. Make sure that each time, a door should lift up and lift down properly. If it’s not working satisfactorily, you need to follow the manual and fix the issue. If still not fixing it, contact our team and get it fixed. The next step is, to disengage the opener with the use of a red cord, open & close the door manually. It must be balanced in a correct way. If you can operate it with one hand, your door is balanced properly. If unable to open or requires excessive force to open it, two possibilities are there, either it is unbalanced or springs are not working. In this case, you have only one option left, call the door technician and tackle the situation. Last but not the least, check the automatic reverse safety system and make sure that the sensor eyes are placed properly on each side of a door and working properly. A door should be travel in the reverse direction if a single object or a person comes in between these two sensors.
9Why should I perform Garage Door Tune-Up?
Before moving ahead, let’s understand the garage door tune-up. It is a process of inspection & necessary modifications to increase the lifespan of a garage door, increase the efficiency, and smooth door operation.

It involves the inspection of a door including the springs, identifying the issues in garage door openers if there is, lubricating the door parts, replacing the components that may become a cause of garage door failure, checking the tracks and cables, and tightening the bolts.

A door tune-up keeps your door in a smooth working mode for a longer time. Are you looking for the same? You are at the right place. Call us today and get your door tuned up.
10How to know that it’s time to change the Garage door?
Generally, the lifespan of the garage door opener is around 10-15 years. If the door opener is regularly maintained, the age of it will be increased beyond 15 years. When your garage door starts making noises at the time of opening and closing the door, it’s time to call the expert. Because your door opener is having some problems that may reduce the overall lifespan.

The problems are broken springs, worn hinges, loosen bolts and poor balance of the open door.

Let the garage door expert inspect the garage door & identify the issues that might affect the door’s health negatively. Does your garage door opener make noises during opening and closing a door? Call our technical experts to get the best advice on improving the lifespan of a garage door.
11What materials are used to build a garage door?
A garage door has been built using various materials including stainless steel, wood, aluminum, glass and more. Each material has its advantages. For example, aluminum is less costly compared to wood and stainless steel. While the stainless steel garage door has the highest strength to protect the stuff inside the door. Wood doors are highly recommended for homeowners as it looks good and has better durability.

When it comes to the stronger and more secured garage door, no one comes nearer to steel doors. They are available in a wide range depending on the customers’ requirements. Steel doors require less or no maintenance.

Based on your requirements, you can choose the right garage door for your home and business. Not sure about which door will be suitable for your requirements, let us know. We would love to help you. Drop a message here and get a quick consultation.