Broken garage door springs mean big problems: When to replace yours

Torsion rings play a pivotal role in any garage door. Have you ever experienced failed torsion springs in your garage door? If you have victim then you found that there is impossible to open or close your garage door. It result as a totally failure of your garage door in terms of operation.

Garage door springs have certain fix lifespan. Before that if require proper replacement to better performance of your garage door and for safety of your loved ones. So, what is the life span of any torsion springs? Is there any way to increase the life of your garage door springs? What is the cause of breakage of garage door springs? How to increase the strength of your garage door springs? In this blog, we are going to consider all of these things. Let’s get started.

The major reasons for breakage of garage door springs

There are numerous different reasons behind it, but here are some of the major reason that lead to break your garage door springs:

  • Wear and tear: have you ever see any irregular shape or some part of your garage door springs tear? Yes, it just like tire on our car, over some period of time due to the friction and other factors springs suffer tear and wear.
  • Rust and corrosion: there is way to prevent corrosion and rust on any garage door springs at some extent. But it is not 100% curable. You can spray WD40 to prevent any corrosion and rust on springs. You should spray it on three month interval.
  • Cutting or damaged corners: in many cases builders cut the corners by providing single but extra long torsion springs for whole door. This leads to carry extra loads every time during whole time for springs that result as early spring failure.

How to assessing the strength of springs?

Here is the simple steps you need to follow to check out the strength of your springs:

  • Firstly, pull the emergency button (red-handled)
  • Raise and lower your garage door manually and listen for squeaking it it occurs your should apply WD40 and repeat this process until it stops.
  • Lastly, raise your garage door few feet to the ground manually and just release it. If your door stays in place means your garage door springs are in good condition. And if it slowly falls to ground means your need to replace it.

All in all, family safety is top most concern for any person. Especially, if you have large or join family where you used to with the frequent use of your garage door. For the safety and security of your house, you must invest in some advance and highly durable springs that have some extended life. It may cost you little more compare to any standard garage door but it provide you extra lifespan with safety.

And do never try to replace your garage door springs by yourself. There are highly chances to get serious injury if this process done by any inexperienced person. Just call us at (970) 682-3353 or Fill up the Contact Form here and get our best and experienced professional at your door step now!