Broken Garage Door Springs, Repair

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Broken Garage Door Springs, Repair

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Inspect Your Garage Door Springs

Compare to other components of any garage door, garage door torsion springs are higher chances to get a break or give out. Lots of pressure on garage door springs and extra load while operating is the major cause of the lower life of garage door springs. It stretched tight every time you operate and causes subject tear and wear after few years.

It also depends on the usage of your garage door. The lifespan of any garage door torsion spring is 10000 cycles. The simple meaning is if you open and close your garage door two times per day then your garage springs will last for more than 13 years.

But you can increase it with regular inspection and maintenance of your garage door. It is pivotal for you to get the maximum benefit of your garage door because torsion springs failure cause shut your garage door operation.

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